One Job For America

Rich and his wife Carla launched this wonderful program, encouraging companies to pledge one job to change our economy and unemployment. They have since been interviewed by MSNBC’s […]

The Adobe Museum of Digital Media

The Adobe Museum of Digital Media provides a venue to showcase groundbreaking digital work, and create conversation around the digital innovation of our time. The building was designed […]

Yahoo! Revolutionizes Local Bus Shelters

If you live in San Francisco, hopefully, you have seen the Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby, a first of its kind Interactive Digital Transit Shelter campaign that we created […]

Dali Museum Offers Hipstamatic GoodPak

The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and Hipstamatic have partnered to launch the Dali Museum GoodPak – a photographic ode to a pioneer of the Surrealist movement. […]

Adobe Photo Awesomizer

Your Facebook photos are on display, just begging for your friends to judge them.  You are in luck.  The Adobe Photo Awesomeizer helps you up the ante and […]

Do you want to work at GSP?

We’re excited that you’re interested in working at GSP.  We have a lot of wonderful job opportunities right now. Please provide us with your contact information below and […]

GM Confirms Chevy’s Shift to Goodby

The client spends $650 mil. annually on ads backing  the nameplate General Motors has confirmed that it is shifting lead creative duties on its Chevrolet brand to Goodby, […]