Can You Solve the Mystery Hidden Inside This Photoshop File?

October, 2015 by


Adobe and Edelman San Francisco had a surprise hit last Halloween with their “Photoshop Murder Mystery“—a crime hidden inside a Photoshop document, which designers could solve by sifting through the layers for clues. (The campaign won two Cannes Lions in PR, among other awards.)

Now, Adobe is back—and heading to space—with an encore.

It’s Oct. 31 in the year 2398, and the IXS FarStar has been cleared for re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. But one of the crew members has been felled by an unknown illness. Naturally, what this crew member needs is someone with mad Photoshop skills—who can gather scientific evidence from this Photoshop file, post a screenshot to Photoshop’s Facebook page to return the IXS FarStar and its crew safely to Earth.

The first body of evidence has been posted—the IXS FarStar’s bridge. Download it here.

More clues will be posted as the week goes on. Read more about this year’s #PsMystery over at the official Photoshop blog.

Source: Adweek